Tom Berry

Tom Berry

Financial Advisor

As a Financial Advisor, I have found it to be an advantage for my clients to have a multifaceted background, I received my CPA certificate when I was practicing in Public Accounting. Although I no longer practice or have a need for the certificate, the experience goes well with my clientele. In Indianapolis, I owned a Commercial Real Estate Company that developed, managed and leased Retail, Office and Industrial spaces. With an extensive track record of success in both fields, I bring a unique and comprehensive perspective to financial advisory services.

I am licensed in the financial field with a Series 7 and 66 and a 2-15 Insurance license and act in a Fiduciary capacity for our clients.

As a Financial Advisor I play a pivotal role for our clients by offering comprehensive guidance and a personalized roadmap to navigate the complexities of their financial journey. For many individuals, managing finances can be overwhelming due to the myriad of investment options, tax considerations, and ever-changing economic landscapes.

I grew up in Indianapolis in a middle-income family with Midwestern values where a handshake was as good as a contract. Sadly, those days are behind us, but I always treat people with the respect any person would want regardless of the size of their portfolio.

I moved to Florida in 2001, brought my two daughters in 2002, the dog in 2003 and finally my wife in 2004. I had to bring the dog first or my wife may not have followed.

Our team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, helping clients set clear financial goals, create a strategic plan, and make informed decisions. We make recommendations for optimizing investment portfolios, considering risk tolerance and time horizons, thus maximizing the potential for growth. Moreover, we provide insights into tax-efficient strategies, retirement planning, and estate management, ensuring a well-rounded approach to financial well-being.

Through open communication, personalized guidance, and a commitment to the client’s financial well-being, Longview Wealth Advisors creates meaningful connections that extend beyond finances, fostering a supportive and enduring friendship.