Financial Planning Services

Financial planning can be perceived as cumbersome, and working with a financial planner may seem intimidating. You may have concerns about entrusting your financial future to another person.

Marc Walker and Tom Berry have the experience to help you with those concerns.

The financial planning guidance you receive at Longview Wealth Advisors is designed to show you your options in a clear and straightforward manner. We can help you develop a customized financial planning program that incorporates a step-by-step process designed to promote confidence in your financial decisions. Whether your resources are many or few, there are no judgments.

A financial plan will identify your financial goals, needs and desires, and provide strategies designed to fit your life and your budget. The program begins with the identification of your financial goals; we then outline a strategy to help empower your financial vision. With your financial goals in mind, we can develop a financial plan to address any number of these needs:

  • Retirement planning - This process involves identifying what you would like your life as a retiree to look like. This service includes allocating funds into 401(k) plans, IRAs, etc., to plan future cash flows in your post-retirement years.
  • Investment management - Commonly known as portfolio management, this refers to the practice of monitoring and adjusting your financial plan to accurately manage your investments and savings.
  • Estate planning and preservation - Creating the vehicles to carry out your wishes offers comfort knowing that in the event of your incapacity or death, your assets will be cared for the way you want. This planning can include creating a will, naming beneficiaries, and setting up trust funds.
  • Risk management through insurance and annuity products - in the event of unforeseen circumstances, this service can help protect your financial plan. Tools include long term care, disability income, and life insurance.
  • Small Business Financial Planning - You can increase the value and growth of your business by incorporating affordable benefit options. Owner/Executive planning allows you to choose what happens to your business when you retire.

Assistance is a phone call away. Contact Marc Walker today for a complimentary, no obligation consultation.

LPL Financial offers financial planning services in its capacity as a Registered Investment Adviser. Please contact Marc Walker for more information or request a copy of the LPL Financial Planning Advisory Services Brochure for a complete discussion of these services and the fees associated with them.